Why Certified Sod Matters

sod cerificationWhen you buy Certified sod from Hawaiian Turfgrass, you know that you are getting the highest quality, genetically pure, weed-free sod. All of the licensed, proprietary sod grasses produced by Hawaiian Turfgrass are inspected by the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

State inspectors come to the Hawaiian Turfgrass farm and conduct three inspections per year on each field producing a class of certified turf to detect off-types, other crops, and noxious or inseparable weeds. Turfgrass fields are sampled at random and grown out to ensure the identity of the grass is being maintained.

By purchasing certified turfgrass sod you can rest assured it has been grown from a documented planting source that has gone through the Hawaiian quarantine process and has been field inspected by Hawaiian Certified Inspectors for off-type plants such as common Bermuda.

In addition to state inspections, the grasses grown by Hawaiian Turfgrass are continually monitored and inspected during the growing process and at the time of harvest.

What this means to you is that you are getting the highest quality, most genetically pure sod possible. Certification is our commitment to you, our customer.

If it does not have a State of Hawaii Certification that comes with receipt at time of purchase, it is Not Certified Grass!

Our Exclusive Sod

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