Sports Turf in Hawaii

Hawaiian Turfgrass will give you the best value for your sports turf needs. Whether you need turf for a football field, soccer field, or golf course, we are here to help you. Contact our turfgrass experts to help you decide which grass is best suited for your sports turf application.

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Our main sports turf is TifGrand® Certified Bermuda;

TifGrand® Certified Bermuda Hawaii

Certified Bermuda from Tee to Green

TifGrand® (patent sign) tolerates wear and traffic such as football, soccer, baseball and golf and performs well in residential and commercial landscapes as well as other areas like shaded golf tees, parks and sports fields. Because of its rapid growing nature when managed properly recovery is normally faster than other warm season grasses with the same amount of wear.

Developed by Dr. Wayne Hanna of the University of Georgia’s world renowned turfgrass breeding program, TifGrand® Certified Bermuda is the world’s first seed and pollen sterile Bermudagrass scientifically developed to thrive in 60%-70% continuous shade.

  • Thrives in 60%-70% continuous shade
  • Superior quality in full sun
  • Attractive, dense turf
  • Naturally dark green blade
  • Significantly reduced fertilizer (N) requirement
  • Reduced water requirement
  • Spreads by stolons and rhizomes
  • Excellent tawny mole cricket non-preference
  • Will be grown only as certified sod
  • TifGrand® Certified Bermuda exclusively sold by Hawaiian Turfgrass

TifGrand® (patent sign) is a fine textured, dark green, sterile hybrid Bermuda grass that is uniquely the most shade tolerant Bermuda grass commercially available. Research testing over the past 10 years demonstrates its excellent growth at 60 percent to 70 percent shade levels. It can tolerate up to 90 percent shade levels, but it will have lower density.

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Other resources:
– TifGrand® original turf patent.
– USGA’s Article ‘Hanna to Receive 2012 USGA Green Section Award
– Landscape Management’s article ‘Wayne Hanna’s new Bermudagrass does well with less sunlight
– Augusta Chronicle news article ‘New bermuda grass has it made in the shade


TifGrand® Bermuda Soccer Field- Houston Dynamo Soccer Stadium

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