Sod Installation Equipment

Sod Installation Equipment

Hawaiian Turfgrass utilizes the latest in high-tech sod installation equipment and advanced turf management practices to provide you with a professionally installed golf course, sports field or lawn. From the Hawaiian Turfgrass farm in Mililani, on the island of O’ahu, we grow some of the finest quality turfgrasses available, installed using precision technologies, and maintained with the latest techniques to assure the success of every project.

How can technology make a difference? Here are just a few examples of the kinds of work we can now do because we have the best machines made to do the job from beginning to end.

Site Preparation:

With our new Koro Field TopMaker renovation machine, Harley Power Rake and Level Best laser grader, we can quickly renovate an existing playing field, golf course or lawn to make it ready for new sod. The equipment peels back and removes 1-inch to 2-inches of old grass surface, then levels the area to create an enhanced soil bed ready to receive new turf.

Grass Installation:

With our new equipment, we now have the capability to harvest and install turf in three different ways. Big Roll, sprigs and slabs.

• Big Roll: Using our new Magnum Big Roll Harvester, we can harvest sod in strips that are 4-feet wide and up to 100-feet long. These Big Rolls enable us to quickly cover large areas with one continuous roll. The advantage of this method is that it creates an instant playing surface with fewer seems—which is especially advantageous for golf courses, sports fields and large lawn areas when the window of time between games or events is short.

• Sprigging: Sprigging is a method that harvests live grass pieces, from root to crown, and deposits the live material onto a playing surface. Sprigging is advantageous over hydromulch, the common practice that spreads sprigs by hand and then caps the sprigs with a mulch material. Instead, using our Sprigger’s Choice Fairway Planter sprigging machine, we can plant a larger area faster. The machine crimps the roots into the soil 2-inches apart. The sprigs make root-to-soil contact from day one, eliminating the need for hydromulching. Mechanical sprigging speeds up the growing process—up to 30-days faster than hydromulching. Grow-in time is estimated at 60 to 90 days, depending on conditions.

• Slab sod: Like most sod farms, we can harvest sod slabs in 2-foot x 4-foot rectangular pieces. Still an effective method of planting, slabs are best used on small lawns and roadsides.

Sports Field Maintenance:

Once a project is installed, it’s very important that the grass be properly maintained so that the sports field, golf course or event lawn looks great and performs as promised.

Compaction is one of our biggest challenges on sports fields. We’ve purchased two machines from Redexim: the Verti-Quake and Verti-Drain

• The Verti-Quake: is a rotary aerator that decompacts the soil using a set of rotating steel blades. As these blades cut cleanly through the soil, they create a wave action that shatters compacted areas and opens up the subsoil.

• The Verti-Drain: is an aerification device that pokes tines 7-inches to 16-inches deep to open up the soil for airflow without any interruption of play.

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