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Our Grass- TifGrand® Certified Bermuda Hawaii
  • Dark Emerald Green Color
  • Fine Blade with Soft Texture
  • Superior Quality in Full Sun
  • Reduced Water Requirements
  • Popular in Home Lawns
  • Good Drought Tolerance
  • Thrives in Full Sun
  • Deep Green Color
  • Wow Factor Barefoot Grass
  • Exceptional Drought Tolerance
  • Fine Bladed with Vertical Leaf
  • Fine Blade Dwarf St Augustine
  • Lush, Dark Green, & Shade Tolerant
  • Slow Growth & Reduced Mowing
  • Excellent Pest Resistance

Hawaiian Turfgrass – Grass – Sod Installation – Irrigation

Hawaiian Turfgrass grows high quality sod for Hawaiian lawns, sports fields and golf courses. We offer grass delivery, site soil prep and sod installation. We also design & install sprinkler irrigation systems. At Hawaiian Turfgrass, we are known for our drought resistant grasses. We are the exclusive licensed producer of some of the most environmentally friendly, sustainable grasses available in the Hawaiian Islands. These grasses were developed by the world’s leading turfgrass researchers. It is our goal and our passion to bring to you the future of turfgrass, here, today.

We offer sod installation and irrigation services for homes, sports fields and golf courses. Our locally owned sod farm is located in Mililani on the island of Oahu. Outer island delivery is available.

Our Zoysia grass, Bermuda grass, & St. Augustine Grass are grown here in Hawaii on plastic to keep the roots intact. We use a soilless medium made from 100% recycled green waste compost. This growing method ensures our customers receive the highest quality sod in Hawaii.

  • Luxurious Look
  • High Salt Tolerance
  • Exclusive Distributor
  • Perfect for Golf

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Sod for Hawaiian Home Lawns

Hawaiian Turfgrass grows sod for Hawaiian home lawns. We offer drought resistant Zoysia grasses, shade tolerant Bermuda grasses, chinch bug resistant St. Augustine grasses, plus El toro zoysia and other grass types and sod that meet a variety of home lawn needs. Let us help you discover the best grass for your Hawaiian home lawn.

We are the exclusive licensed producer in the Hawaiian Islands of: Zeon® Zoysia, TifGrand® Bermuda grass, L1F® Zoysia, and Captiva® St. Augustine. These Improved, Certified turfgrass varieties are university research tested, and are the highest quality grasses available here in Hawaii.

All of our grasses for Hawaiian home lawns are available as sod. We deliver and install.

Let Hawaiian Turfgrass create a lawn to complement your Hawaiian lifestyle. We provide sod delivery, installation and irrigation services, offering you a carefree way to improve the appearance of your home while creating a sustainable landscape environment. Hawaiian Turfgrass offers competitive prices, reliable service and the highest quality products.

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Hawaiian Turfgrass not only sells high quality sod at affordable prices, we also specialize in Turfgrass Installations. Our Sod & Lawn Installation Services are available at very competitive and affordable prices. We are a licensed Contractor and fully insured company offering nothing but quality workmanship.

  • Exclusive grass varieties
  • Sod Installation Services
  • Free Post Visit included with sod installations
  • Outer Island Delivery Available
  • Quality Grass
  • Reliable Service
  • Fully Insured
  • State of Hawaii Licensed Contractor # C-32885

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Testimonials- Hawaiian Turfgrass

“We have a lawn that would be the envy of any golf course. We would recommend Sean and his team for jobs of any size.”
Reed & Anne Copsey, Kaneohe


“Professional, courteous staff. Competitive prices, excellent services. Superior product. I would recommend them to everyone!”
David, Manoa

Customer Testimonials - Hawaiian Turfgrass