L1F® Zoysia

L1F® Zoysia Coming Soon to Hawaii

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L1F® Zoysia

L1F® Zoysia is extremely fine textured, ultra-exclusive, high-end, unique dwarf type Zoysiagrass unlike anything else commercially available. L1F® Zoysia is extremely shade tolerant and is a great option for Sporting Fields and Golf Courses as it requires lower inputs compared to Bermuda and SeaShore Paspalum. For sports fields and golf courses requiring a fine blade Dwarf Zoysia variety, L1F® Zoysia is a great option. L1F® is coming soon to Hawaiian Turfgrass in Hawaii.

L1F® Zoysia Grass
  • Extremely fine textured zoysiagrass
  • Erect, upright nature ideal for golf courses
  • Less thatch
  • Shade tolerant
  • Soft, cushiony feel
  • Should be mowed at ?-inch or lower

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